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Help reps close deals fast, control and visibility into what’s being offered and sold, maximize revenue, and get new revenue models

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Our Salesforce CPQ Services

As Cloudsystem, we help companies like yours leverage the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ solution to solve business challenges through our On Demand Services model.

We help maximize your investment in Salesforce Revenue Cloud through our Salesforce CPQ consulting and implementation services.

Our experience in Salesforce CPQ solution backed by a team of CPQ experts will promise you agile and scalable CPQ implementation.

What does SalesForce CPQ Actually Do?

CPQ takes the busy work out of building complex quotes, allowing a salesperson to focus on selling the value of their products and services.

Since the most valuable resource for a salesperson is time, having the ability to generate a professional quote in the matter of minutes, shortens sales pipelines and lets the rep focus on closing more deals.



Once every product or service has been priced, the sales rep is ready to send the quote over to the potential client with just one click. Salesforce CPQ allows companies to customize the look of their quotes with company branding and special terms.

With CPQ, all quotes will look professional and consistent.Salesforce CPQ Software takes the pain out of complicated pricing, helping sales reps rapidly create estimates, quotes, proposals, and orders that look great.

Salesforce CPQ dramatically speeds proposal and quote generation, allowing image-based product selection constrained by your configuration rules. Managers appreciate control over discounts and processes. The CPQ software connects to your product catalog and populates quotes and orders in your CRM.

Salesforce CPQ (configure-price-quote) software comes in three editions, including full Quote-to-Cash that supports billing and collection.Get ready to quickly and seamlessly create quotes that are complete, accurate, and tailored to your delighted customers.


Sales reps can produce quotes more efficiently by having all the pricing information at their fingertips. The CPQ software connects to your product catalog and populates quotes and orders in your CRM. Salesforce CPQ allows reps to apply discretionary discounts and flags any improper discounts for review. Once all products or services have been selected, CPQ generates a breakdown and calculates the final price.


Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) starts by finding common needs for a certain client. Whether it be a government agency looking for a fleet of new work trucks or a small firm seeking a couple trucks to get them started, CPQ gathers data from each quote to determine products or services that should be quoted for specific clients. This allows reps to receive a tailored list of products or services they can focus on selling to a specific client.

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