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Sales Cloud, an integral part of the renowned Salesforce CRM, is cutting-edge sales automation software designed to supercharge your business. No matter the industry or the size of your company, Sales Cloud is the key to streamlining your sales operations and achieving remarkable results.

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Why Choose Sales Cloud?

Cloud-Based Efficiency

With Sales Cloud being fully cloud-based, all you need is an internet connection. Say goodbye to worries about disc space limitations and enjoy seamless accessibility.

Rapid Implementation

Experience the benefits of Sales Cloud in a matter of weeks. Our quick and efficient implementation process ensures that you have a fully functional solution in no time.


Embrace Sales Cloud without the need for extensive training. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for your team to start using the software right away, saving you time and resources.
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Join the league of businesses, big and small, that have harnessed Experience Cloud's potential to drive customer engagement to new pinnacles. Propel your brand into a realm of extraordinary experiences with this revolutionary solution. Embark on this journey today!
Companies who implemented Sales Cloud claim to get
Higher win rate
Lead Conversion
Higher Forecast
Higher Sales
Sales trends of 2021
according to Salesforce’s State of Sales
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Features we can implement

Lead management

Email Templates
Duplicate Blocking
Lead Classification and automatic Assignment
Campaign Management and Mass Email enablement
Automatic Lead capturing (Web-to-Lead)
It's easier and less time-consuming for Sales reps to reach out to prospects
It's possible to analyse the reasons of losing Leads
Sales managers are able to trace and manage the efficiency of promotional channels, Leads are revealed on the upper layers of Sales Funnel
It's possible to analyse the reasons of losing Leads
The number of Leads converted into Accounts is increased
It's possible to analyse the reasons of losing Leads

Account and Contact Management

Proactive Customer Interactions Planning
Workload Management
Task Management
Possibility to measure the workload and prioritize the commercial activities of the sales teams
Capability of automatic tasks generation for sales reps, based on data-driven prioritization
Increase of team's productivity achieved via optimal customer focus
Ability to focus activities on the most perspective accounts

Sales Funnel Management

Probability evaluation
Automations of sales funnel
Types of Opportunities and correspondent sales processes
Sales process for each type of deal is guided and standardized
Notifications for all milestones allow not to miss any important step in sales process
Productivity of sales people becomes easier measurable
Number of deals successfully closed is increased
Manual efforts decreased

Sales Operation Execution

Contracts Management
Quote Management
Order Management
Product Catalogue
Pricebooks Configuration
Customer Notifications on Sales Execution
Sales execution process is tracked in Salesforce and can be integrated with other systems (ERP, accounting, etc)
Sales department is provided with accurate pricing information to cover the complete sales process
Versioning of proposals for Opportunities is maintained
The complete sales conversion report makes teams' sales performance measurable
Increased level of service

Sales planning and forecasting

Collaborative Forecasting, Mobile Enabled
Custom Forecasting Attributes
More accurate tactical planning becomes possible
Business-specific data focus for forecasting
Possibility to divide commission basing on contribution of sales teams
More accurate resource and financial management - better decisions
Data-driven budgeting

Mobile Enablement

Salesforce Mobile Configuration
Custom UX Mobile Adoption
Access to all Sales information from anywhere
Quicker turnarounds on customer requests - higher level of service
More effective time planning - higher sales results

Business Flows Automation

Configuration of Automatic Actions, Notifications, Sales Data Management
Standardized sales processes - predictable flow outcomes, higher level of service
Automated customer interactions: follow up sales, regular touchpoints - increase of recurring sales
Automatic generation of new leads and opportunities

Salesforce Solutions

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Revenue Cloud

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