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Support more clients, better agent productivity, higher CSAT scores.

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Elevate Customer Service with Cloud-based Excellence!

Service Cloud, the cutting-edge cloud-based tool, guarantees unrivaled customer service of the highest quality. Empower your team to cater to your customers' needs around the clock, regardless of their location.

With Salesforce's revolutionary solution, your service teams will experience a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Seamlessly integrated with your service, sales, and marketing specialists, Service Cloud offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers, whether they access your services through desktop or mobile.

Delight your customers with an exceptional omnichannel experience and self-service options that enable them to troubleshoot simpler issues and find answers to frequently asked questions effortlessly.

Through automation, your service team gains valuable time to focus on resolving more intricate matters, ensuring unmatched satisfaction for every customer

Increase in
customer retention
Increase in agent
Faster case
Salesforce Service Cloud is customer service software that helps to make customer support quick and efficient. And it does so in multiple ways*: Read more on

Features and benefits

Case Management and Collaboration with Omni-Channel

With this feature, your customer support will conquer as many communication channels as you want. It can be web, email, phone, web or mobile Live Agent chats, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Sino Weibo), community sites, and even video chats. And besides bringing cases from all these channels into your Service Cloud, Omni-Channel intelligently routes them to appropriate agents based on complex pre-set conditions.
Case Management
Knowledge Base
Email integration
Files and Documents
Possibility to register customers inquiries and route them for quick resolution
Teamwork based on internal communication channel (Chatter), files and documents exchange
Tips and Recommendations for the sales process
Complete view of customer's interaction with the organization
Emailing (Gmail, Outlook) integrated in Salesforce interface
Increase of the level of service leading to more recurring purchases

Social Service

Social Service overview to seamlessly manage customer service inquiries from different social networks in one place.
It fully integrates with popular social channels such as Twitter and Facebook
Possibility to register customers inquiries and route them for quick resolution
Complete view of customer's interaction with the organization
Increase of the level of service leading to more recurring purchases

CTI Telephone Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a powerful computer telephony integration (CTI) solution that can make customer service operations more efficient and productive. Our specialists make it easier for customer service agents to access pertinent data while talking with customers, so agents are better equipped when addressing customer needs. Salesforce Service Cloud integration allows customer service teams to route calls more effectively and quickly, reducing wait times with automated interactive voice response systems.
Salesforce Service Cloud features CTI integration, a valuable tool that allows customers to track incoming calls.
Salesforce Service Cloud features CTI integration, a valuable tool that allows customers to track incoming calls.
CTI integration is important for improving customer satisfaction as it improves speed, accuracy, and responsiveness with call management capabilities that keep operations running smoothly.

Service Cloud Console

Our Salesforce experts tailor to each agent’s preferences and give them access to customer information, support case histories and easy-to-use knowledge base content allowing address issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the intuitive user interface makes it simple for agents to transition from one task, such as troubleshooting, to the next task, like upselling. Companies have an all-around excellent customer experience without investing in additional staff or resources.
With expanded multitasking capabilities such as sub tabs, macros, and quick text - agents can quickly access a customer's contact record, view all previous interactions, and update existing cases from one unified console.
The console's advanced search feature ensures that customers' inquiries are directed to the right team or lead, saving time and effort for everyone involved.
It reduces time spent tracking down customer data since it is automatically fetched as soon as the customer’s contact record is opened.
Support Agents gain better efficiency in solving cases, thus satisfying customers.

Asset and Knowledge Management

We assist companies in quickly capturing, storing, accessing, and updating customer information in real-time, so their reps have the information they need to deliver excellent service. Salesforce Services cloud provides up-to-date resources across multiple languages, improved search accuracy, automated categorisation capabilities, web form creativity features and much more. This directly contributes to giving the best customer service experience possible on a reliable cloud platform.
Asset Management allows customers to quickly upload and store files, images, videos and other digital information on the Service Cloud platform.
Knowledge Management enables organisations to create a central knowledge base, best practices and stored files within the Service Cloud UI.
Customers benefit from faster response times, higher satisfaction ratings and loyalty – resulting in improved business performance.

Service Analytics

Being available to both service agents and service managers, Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into department and agent performance. You can see reports of different complexity.

It can be a report on a first contact resolution rate. Or on the number of case reassignments per each case type depicting an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate for each case type as well as the agents who systematically reassign cases more than a certain number of times a week. Besides reporting, Service Analytics can give recommendations as to what an agent should do, say, to improve CSAT.

Process and Routine Automation

Service Cloud offers process automation using workflows, approvals, macros, email templates, etc.

For example, a customer is highly dissatisfied with support and service agent Tom states that a certain customer incentive is needed. According to a workflow, Salesforce sends an Incentive approval request to Tom’s manager Mary. When she grants the approval, Tom offers this incentive to the customer by choosing and sending an appropriate email template. Another day in customer support: Tom sees that 7 similar cases came into the system. He runs a bulk macro to answer to all of them simultaneously, which resolves the cases. Then, he runs another macro to close the cases automatically. These types of automation save agents’ and managers’ time substantially.

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